Yaroslavl – is one of the most beautiful city in Russia.

Yaroslavl is a pearl in the Gold Ring. It's a famous and distinctive capital of Russia. The city was founded at the place of crossing the Volga and the Kotorosl rivers.
Many years ago, the settlement of pagans was lived here. The prince Yaroslav the Wise conquered the settlement and killed their sacred bear. He founded a new town in 1010, and named it Yaroslavl. The Yaroslavl Emblem is reminded about those events: "The bear stays in silver shield and holds the gold hatchet in the left paw".
Yaroslavl was the outposts so long time. The town was the capital of independent principality from 13-th century. When Tatar-Mongolian came the town was shared others towns fate, but wasn’t conquered. The Yaroslavl principality was in Moscow principality from 15-th century. It got respect part "possessions of sovereign". At the beginning of the 17-th century was the period of struggle Pole-Lithuanian intervention. The Yaroslavl was the center of the national emergency volunteer corps. Minin and Pojarskiy were the members of the national emergency volunteer corps.
17-th century was the gold century in development of Yaroslavl. In that time the Yaroslavl was an important point of Russian country for trade with the countries of the East and Europe. The trade expended too fast in Yaroslavl. The craft industry outputed. The trade of fish yielded a big profit.
The active economic increase facilitated cultural development of the town. School of architecture developed and flourished in 17-th century in Yaroslavl. When the St.Petersburg was founded, Yaroslavl had lost the leading role, but started to active develop like an industry town.
The museums are pride of Yaroslavl. The Historical-Art Museum is the principal museum in the city. It is situated at the territory, where was Spaso-Preobrajenskiy monastery. There are many valuable historical and art collections.
The first Russian theatre was founded in Yaroslavl. It was founded by Fedor Volkov. This building was opened in 1911.
There are 6 different museums in Yaroslavl, many private museums, galleries, art forums, philharmonic orchestra. Yaroslavl is the cultural center.
The historical center of Yaroslavl was entered on the list of would cultural legacy, name's UNESKO.